Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ready for a big play

Steve Spurrier, the Evil Genius, stalking the sideline

Final Score: Georgia 14 South Carolina 7

Shane and I headed up to Columbia, South Carolina this past Saturday to go to the UGA/South Carolina game and to stay with my friend, Rebekah. It's always fun going to Georgia games and it's especially fun going to the opposing team's stadium. It's interesting to see the other traditions of other schools. This game had to have been about the hottest I've ever been when attending a college football game. Wow, I think it was about 95 degrees and probably felt like 100. The game seemed to go on forever as well. The refs just couldn't get their act together. It was like it was each of the refs first time refereeing an SEC game. Anyway, at least the Dawgs won. Hopefully, there will be many more wins to come!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bend It Like Dalton

Dalton had his first soccer game today. I guess I can now officially say that I'm a soccer mom. Dalton scored the 1st goal of the game for his team. I was really surprised. I honestly wasn't sure if he would even score at all during the season. Dalton doesn't have a very aggressive style of play and I'm always trying to encourage him to get in there and mix it up with the other kids to try to get to the ball, but I think I realize his strategy now. He'll hang out at the edge of the pack of kids going after the ball and when someone kicks the ball out of the pack, he can go after it on a breakaway and try to score. What a great strategy! He's a genius! Dalton is having a lot of fun playing and understands the whole teamwork thing better than he did on that first day of practice which I previously posted about. Below is a quick video of Dalton scoring his first goal. I was pretty pumped about him scoring!