Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spelling Bee

A couple of weeks ago, Dalton was chosen to be one of the representatives of his school to compete in a Spelling Bee in LaGrange against other schools. He competed against first graders from 5 other schools. He was given a word list to study and we worked on it diligently almost every night. He did a great job studying for it! The big day arrived for us to travel to LaGrange this morning. Dalton and the other first graders were sent to a separate room to participate in the spelling bee while the parents were sent to wait for our kids in the school's lunchroom. Dalton was tripped up on the first word he was given. He was given the word "pail" and he said that he started out spelling, p...i... then he realized his mistake and corrected himself to correctly spell the word, but it was too late. The kids were not allowed to start spelling the word, then start over again. It was a great experience for him though. He learned a ton of new words through all his studying that he wouldn't have learned at this point in his first grade career. We are very proud of him!!

On the way home, we stopped to celebrate his participation in the spelling bee and all his hard work with a dessert from Applebee's. Dalton loves anything with chocolate or ice cream so we both shared and dug into Applebee's Triple Chocolate Meltdown. Mmm-mmm!!!

Pajama Day

Colby with his teacher, Mrs. Lora

One of the highlights of the year I think at Colby's preschool is Pajama Day. The kids and teachers dress in their pajamas and bring their teddy bears and have fun activities with their bears. Colby brought two of his favorite bears, which he has creatively named, Big Bear and Little Bear. Who knows what all they did because asking Colby what all he did during the day is like pulling teeth. Ha! A typical conversation about school with Colby (or Dalton for that matter) goes something like this...
Me: Colby, what all did you do today?
Colby: Nothing
Me: Well, what did you learn today?
Colby: I don't want to talk about that right now.
Me: Well, what was your favorite part of the day?
Colby: Playing on the playground and snacktime