Friday, December 18, 2009

New Addition

We have a new addition to our family. Meet Body Self. He is a lemon and white beagle who was added to our family about 3 weeks ago. We've been wanting to get a dog for a while that the boys could grow up with. They've been begging for a dog or cat, but we're not really cat people so...well, we got a dog. It's been a lot of fun despite all his chewing on everything including us. I've realized though that having a new puppy is much like having a new baby. We have to get up in the middle of the night a couple of times and teach him about pooping and peeing outside. I think we've been buying tons of carpet cleaner and paper towels in bulk. Ugh! Body is super cute though and we love him. He's already grown so much that he is almost twice as big as he was when we got him 3 weeks ago. He's a fun addition to our family!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Football, Football, Football

Shane and I before a game

Shane in action

We've been knee-deep in football around here for about the past 3 months. We've had flag football games, UGA football games, and Covenant Academy football games. Back in the summer about a month before school started Shane was named as Covenant's varsity football coach. It was very out of the blue since it was so near when the football team was to begin practicing football for the year anyway. Shane was excited but a little stressed out about being the head coach on such short notice. Covenant is in it's 2nd year of having varsity football and the first year of having a senior class so the guys haven't had a lot of experience to draw from. Throughout the season, the team has had around 17-19 players and many, many injuries. Despite this, they finished 3rd in their region out of 6 teams and made the playoffs in just their 2nd year of a varsity program. They play their first ever playoff game tonight against a team they lost to in overtime earlier in the year. GO RAMS!!

Dalton and Colby with the ram mascot at homecoming

Dalton had a chance this year to play flag football at Covenant's intramural program for 1st and 2nd graders. I let him choose to play either soccer or flag football and he chose flag football. I think his dad being the football coach had something to do with him wanting to play football because he didn't know a thing about football and doesn't even watch it when it's on tv. He learned so much though throughout the season and seemed to really enjoy playing. He even caught a few passes and completed a few passes as well when it was his turn to be quarterback.

Dalton hiking the ball

"I'm open!!!"

We've also been going to all the home UGA games despite Georgia having a not so successful season this year. It's always fun to go to the games and do a little tailgating. This year for Georgia's homecoming game all 4 of us went to the game. This was Colby's first ever UGA football game. The boys really enjoyed all the excitement of it all. Go Dawgs!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This past Wednesday our church hosted its annual Fall Festival which included lots of games, food, inflatables, and of course, candy. We love attending this activity every year and this year the weather for it was abolutely perfect. There were estimated to be about 5,000-6,000 people in attendance. Whew! The boys had tons of fun dressing up and playing games and getting candy. Dalton dressed up as a police officer, and Colby was Dash from the Incredibles.

Then, Saturday, we went trick or treating with some friends in their neighborhood. The weather was a little drizzly and misty, but the boys hardly noticed it in the efforts to knock on doors and get some of their beloved candy.

My Handsome Boys

Friday, September 18, 2009

High Falls

Our family went to High Falls recently over Labor Day. We were trying to think of somewhere fun to go as a family so we decided to go to High Falls since the boys had never been. It was beginning to get late in the afternoon when we arrived so all we really did was hike on one of the trails and played a little in the water. The boys had a good time. Their personalities on this little expedition shined through as well. They are so different. Dalton was all about following the trail, looking at the map, and making sure we were following the directions around the park correctly. Colby was all about having fun by playing in the water, getting wet, walking all over the rocks, and taking risks. We had a lot of fun and the boys keep talking about it asking when we are going back.

Colby playing on the rocks. It was hard to get him to stop long enough to smile for a picture.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dove Hunting With Dad

Every year during Labor Day weekend, Shane goes dove hunting. This is usually the only time during the year that he goes dove hunting. It is a time of the year that he so looks forward to during the year. Two years ago, Dalton at age 4, went with Shane on his first dove shoot. This year, Colby who also just turned 4, was also able to go on his first dove shoot. I guess there's just something about being 4. Dalton and Colby had been looking forward to going for a long time and Shane reported that they both did a good job. They may have scared a few birds away, but they all had a great time being together.

Dalton, Colby, and their cousin, Walker, with birds that were shot.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Colby Turns 4

Colby turned 4 years old on August 28th. Colby is such a fun little boy who is so full of life. He's so much fun to be around. Even at 4, he's so witty and funny. This year for his birthday, we had his party at Monkey Joe's. When Dalton turned 4 we had his party at MJ's so we figured it would only be right to have Colby's party there as well. Colby had a fun time playing with friends and family as well as eating cake and opening presents. He also celebrated with his classmates in his preschool class with cupcakes on his birthday. We love you so much, Colby! You've brought us so much joy and excitement to our lives over these past 4 years!

Blowin' out candles on his Spider Man cake

Opening presents


Cupcakes with Classmates

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Days of School

First day of school for Dalton

School for Dalton and Colby has gotten back into full swing. Dalton started back a couple of weeks ago and Colby just started back today. Dalton is in first grade this year and goes to school all day and Colby is in PreK at a nearby church's preschool and only goes for half days. Dalton rides to school with Shane and comes home on the bus. I think riding the bus is his favorite part of the day. Dalton loves school and his teacher and is having a great time in First grade. Colby has the same teacher that Dalton had 2 years ago so we feel like we already know and love her. Colby is excited to have Mrs. Lora this year too.

Dalton with his teacher putting his lunch bag in the proper place

Colby and Mrs. Lora at Open House

1st day of school
Showing off his new backpack

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Orange Beach 2009

Our family went to Orange Beach, Alabama in the middle of July. As always, we had a fun and relaxing time. We had a ball with each other playing in the ocean, playing in the pool, playing miniature golf, riding go-carts, riding on the giant ferris wheel, building sandcastles, playing tennis, and even trying a little shuffleboard. My parents were also able to come along with us, making all our time together even better. Here's just a few pictures from our time at the beach.

Building sandcastles


"Look at all the sea shells I found"

Playing in the pool with Daddy

My parents and the boys

Playing shuffleboard

Getting ready to play a little miniature golf

Me and Dalton getting ready to school Shane and Colby in some go-cart madness

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summertime-Part II

For our 9th anniversary this year, Shane surprised me with a trip to Washington D.C. He told me about it a couple of days before we were to leave. I had never been before and Shane hadn't been since he was about 6 so everything seemed new to us. We had a wonderful trip. The weather was beautiful and we really had a lot of fun just being together taking in all the sights. It seemed like we packed so much sightseeing into the few days that we were there, yet still didn't quite see everything we would have wanted to see. We went to most all of the museums of the Smithsonian, the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, up into the Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery, Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial, the WWII Memorial, and many more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.
Vietnam Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery

Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument with the Capitol in the background and WWII Memorial in foreground

Lincoln Memorial

For the night of our anniversary, Shane had made reservations for us at a restaurant called Acadiana. It was kind of an upscale cajun restaurant. When they gave us the menu across the top it read, "Happy 9th Anniversary". Very cool. They let us keep the menu for a little reminder of our special night. Also, they brought us this dessert pictured here of warm vanilla bread pudding. Happy Anniversary was written in chocolate. Everything was so wonderful. We had a really special night and trip.