Friday, September 18, 2009

High Falls

Our family went to High Falls recently over Labor Day. We were trying to think of somewhere fun to go as a family so we decided to go to High Falls since the boys had never been. It was beginning to get late in the afternoon when we arrived so all we really did was hike on one of the trails and played a little in the water. The boys had a good time. Their personalities on this little expedition shined through as well. They are so different. Dalton was all about following the trail, looking at the map, and making sure we were following the directions around the park correctly. Colby was all about having fun by playing in the water, getting wet, walking all over the rocks, and taking risks. We had a lot of fun and the boys keep talking about it asking when we are going back.

Colby playing on the rocks. It was hard to get him to stop long enough to smile for a picture.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dove Hunting With Dad

Every year during Labor Day weekend, Shane goes dove hunting. This is usually the only time during the year that he goes dove hunting. It is a time of the year that he so looks forward to during the year. Two years ago, Dalton at age 4, went with Shane on his first dove shoot. This year, Colby who also just turned 4, was also able to go on his first dove shoot. I guess there's just something about being 4. Dalton and Colby had been looking forward to going for a long time and Shane reported that they both did a good job. They may have scared a few birds away, but they all had a great time being together.

Dalton, Colby, and their cousin, Walker, with birds that were shot.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Colby Turns 4

Colby turned 4 years old on August 28th. Colby is such a fun little boy who is so full of life. He's so much fun to be around. Even at 4, he's so witty and funny. This year for his birthday, we had his party at Monkey Joe's. When Dalton turned 4 we had his party at MJ's so we figured it would only be right to have Colby's party there as well. Colby had a fun time playing with friends and family as well as eating cake and opening presents. He also celebrated with his classmates in his preschool class with cupcakes on his birthday. We love you so much, Colby! You've brought us so much joy and excitement to our lives over these past 4 years!

Blowin' out candles on his Spider Man cake

Opening presents


Cupcakes with Classmates