Thursday, May 27, 2010

Colby's Graduation Program

Colby finished up with Pre-K and had his graduation program last week. It was kind of bittersweet because for the past 4 years my vehicle has made it's way up to Central Baptist's Sonshine Preschool where both Dalton and Colby first began their academic career. Colby will be going to Covenant next year with Dalton and Shane. I think when school starts back my little Explorer may just drive up to Central just out of habit. We have cherished the time that our boys have spent there making friends, learning academics, and learning more about Jesus. We will seriously miss Central's preschool and all the children, our friends, and teachers.

Colby and Dalton with their sweet teacher, Mrs. Lora. Dalton had Mrs. Lora 2 years ago when he was in Pre-K and then Colby had her this year.

End Of The Year Fun

Last week was Colby's last week of school at his preschool. He enjoyed lots of fun activities last week which included an end of the year bowling party, a water day, and his graduation program. Here is the big man in action:

Colby with his buddy, Josh

Water day was a lot of fun! We were so afraid the water day was going to be a no-go because it had stormed the night before and in the early morning hours, but the skies cleared and ended up being a perfect day for all the fun. There were little pools to play in, sprinklers, bubbles, and other games, but Colby got such a kick out of jumping into the pools. I nervously watched while he flung his body into about 2 inches of water in some of the pools.

Colby pretending to be a seal

Monday, May 24, 2010

Flowers and Worms

I love the springtime with all the flowers blooming, green leaves on the trees, and everything just coming alive again. I always hate being cooped up inside during the cold, winter days, and it seemed like we had a lot more cold days than usual this year. I just love being able to be outside a lot although it's already in the 90's now. These are some pictures from a day when Colby and I were hanging out in the yard.

Colby found a wiggly worm and then the next thing I knew there were 2 smaller wiggly worms

After an afternoon of playing in the yard there's nothing better than a sip of water out of the water hose.


At the beginning of May, Dalton, Colby, my mom, and I took a trip to the strawberry patch to load up on some fresh strawberries. It was a beautiful day for picking strawberries and my mom and I came home with a basket each of beautiful strawberries thanks to the great help we had from Dalton and Colby! I loved to just have the fresh strawberries to just munch on for a few days.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

April II a.k.a. The Part of April Which I Forgot to Include

So I was looking at the pictures in the last April blog update that I did and realized I left out quite a few events that I meant to put in there. I had the picture of Vince Dooley in that post but at some point I must've deleted it somehow. I mean, how could I have left out the legend, Vince Dooley, Bon Jovi, and my college friends. Anyways, here comes the 2nd part of the April events...

How could I have left out this picture of the man, the legend, Vince Dooley!? Colby and I went and met him at Academy Sports to have him sign some things for Shane. Coach Dooley asked Colby if he wanted him to sign his shirt and Colby look was basically like why in the world would I want this older guy to sign my shirt. I tried to explain to Colby what an important piece of UGA history and lore that this man was, but Colby wasn't fazed. He definitely wasn't interested in having him sign his shirt. Anyway, it was neat to meet Coach Dooley.

For Christmas this past year, I gave Shane 2 tickets to see Bon Jovi in Atlanta on April 15th. It seemed like forever that we had to wait for the big day to arrive, but they were worth the wait. The boys are starting to show their age, but they've still got it! It was a really fun show and they sang most all our favorites.

Jon and Richie singing Wanted Dead or Alive

Jon and Richie

I'm sure Jon was pointing at me and Shane here.

Richie getting his groove on.

Then, the next day after the concert I went down to Panama City Beach to have a little college get-together for the weekend . I hadn't seen these ladies since college in over 12+ years. It was very surreal to see everyone at first because it was so weird but yet amazing to be around these wonderful gals again. College was probably the most amazing, fun time of my life, and I have such great memories of each of these ladies and also of many who weren't able to be there. It was so refreshing to be around everyone and catch up with what has been happening in everyone's lives over the years and to hear about the journey that God has led them on in their lives. I hope we can get together again some time!!

While eating out at a restaurant, a guy on stilts made us all balloon hats. How fun!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Mother's Day video shown at our church in which Dalton answers a few questions

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Update in Pictures (April)

Well, once again I've slacked off and haven't been keeping up with this blog very consistently. Here's another update in pictures for the month of April. It seems like so much has been going on lately with school winding down and other activities. I can't believe May is almost half-way over so I better get to updating what all has been going on...

It has become a bit of a tradition for me and the boys to boil and color some eggs on the Saturday before Easter. The boys love to dip the eggs in the different colors and come up with various colors and see who can make and ugly-colored egg. Then, on Easter after church we go to my parent's house and celebrate Easter with lots of family and afterwards have an egg hunt for the kids.

This year at school, Dalton played intramural basketball. He really enjoyed playing so much, but the little guy didn't know very much at all about how to play. He ended up learning a lot about the sport and having a lot of fun.

At the end of the month, Dalton participated in Field Day at his school. He had been looking forward to Field Day and had tons of fun with all the activities. We were blessed with gorgeous weather for all the fun!