Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update in Pictures...Part I (February)

Well, I apparently began this blog post about 2 weeks ago, but never got back around to finishing it. It's been way too long since I updated my blog and I'm really going to try to do better about staying a little more up to date here. So here goes a little update in pictures for the past couple of months.

In the beginning of March, Dalton's class went on a field trip to Guiseppi's Pizza in Macon. Dalton and his class had a blast touring the kitchen area as well as making their own pizzas and eating them. Too Yummy!!!

Then, one of the biggest events of the entire year happened at our house on February 12th. It snowed...a lot! It snowed about 3-4 inches at our house and for Perry, Georgia, that's a lot of snow. It snowed last year, but only maybe about half an inch, so this year the boys had so much fun playing in the snow making snow men and throwing snow balls at each other. It really was so pretty. It's been I guess about 20 years since I've seen this much snow around here.

Our house

Then, Valentine's Day rolled around. Colby's class had to celebrate a little later than normal due to the snow day and Winter Break. They were finally able to have their party on Feb 22nd, but the kids didn't seem to care. Any time to get candy and have a party is fine with them.

An update on the month of March is soon to follow....