Saturday, April 24, 2010


During Spring Break the four of us went fishing down in the Keaton Beach/Steinhatchee area down in the Gulf. We were a little nervous about bringing both boys with us as we had never brought them both before. Shane took Dalton back in the Fall and he really enjoyed it so we wanted to try to take both boys. We picked a couple of gorgeous days to go, but we didn't have a whole lot of luck catching any fish. Shane caught one fish the entire two days and I don't think I even got a bite. I was worried that the boys would get really bored really fast since we weren't catching anything, but they just kind of made their own fun while on the boat. On our 2nd day we kept seeing a few starfish on the bottom so I scooped up one with the net for them. They were too excited about this. You would have thought we had just pulled in a whopper of a fish. Unfortunately, they saw me earlier dumping the starfish over the side of the boat to wet it to keep it alive and Colby decided he would copy me and try to wet it as well. It was at this point that Colby leaned over with the starfish and fell into the water dropping the starfish in the process. He managed to hold onto part of the boat though so he only became halfway drenched. This kind of cut short our fishing trip for the day since we didn't bring along any extra clothes on the boat. The boys were beginning to get kind of tired of it all by this point anyway so we headed on back home. Colby was so tired from the day's events that he fell asleep beside Shane on the way back to the dock.

So tired

Monday, April 19, 2010

Update in Pictures Part II (March)

The month of March consisted of Dalton and Colby jumping into t-ball practices and games. This is Colby's first year of playing t-ball and Dalton's 3rd year. They are given a few pitches by the coach to see if they can hit the ball and then will put the ball on a tee if they can't hit it. Colby is having a blast playing and Dalton is doing well too. He has really come along in his hitting, but he's still working on the fielding part. I think one day that part is just going to click in his head and he'll figure out how to catch it better. It's so fun to watch them play. They have kept us busy going to practices and games, but there's not much cuter than your little boy dressed up in their baseball uniform.

Colby and Dalton on Opening Day

It is too funny when a ball is hit in this age group. The kids all just run after the ball to see who can get it first and usually end up in a big pile of kids trying to see who will come up with the ball. Here, another boy apparently has Colby in a headlock trying to get the ball.

Cherry Blossom Festival

We love going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon during March. We'll take a day during the week to go downtown and get some free cherry ice cream, ride some rides, watch the sea lion show, and just enjoy the day together. My mom also came along for some added fun.

Colby and Dalton with Lacy the pink poodle

Dalton and Colby climbing on a Yoshino Cherry Tree in Central City Park

Colby's preschool had its annual Easter egg hunt for all its classes right before Spring Break about a week before Easter. The kids were allowed to find 12 eggs each while on their hunt. Here is Colby comparing his stash of eggs with his friend, Brody.
Colby's class after the egg hunt

At the end of March, Dalton's school has Grandparent's Day where grades K4-6th put on a big performance for the grandparents and parents. My parents were able to come and celebrate Grandparent's Day with Dalton. Here is Dalton and his class right before the performance began.