Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter at my parent's house

Easter is such a fun time of the year and one of our favorite holidays. We love to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! It has been neat to continue to teach the boys about what Easter is all about and to see them, especially Dalton, understand more about what Easter really means. We also enjoy coloring Easter eggs. It has become a bit of a tradition around our house to color the eggs. I've realized though, that this must be a dying tradition. It was difficult finding the egg coloring kit this year. I guess it's so easy to just fill the plastic eggs, but the boys have come to love coloring the eggs and the family time and fun that it entails. The boys had lots of practice with egg hunts this year. I think they went to 3 of them this year.

After church, we had a family get-together at my parent's house where we enjoyed tons of food and afterward had a big egg hunt for the kids. Here's a couple of shots of Dalton and Colby in action.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Happenings

Spring has arrived and it seems like there is so much going on around here. There have been tons of activities happening around here. Dalton and Colby have had Spring Break on different weeks, which is kind of crazy, but also kind of nice in that it seemed like I could enjoy two spring breaks with the boys. While Shane was off for spring break he was able to begin a lot of work around the house. He borrowed a tractor and worked on bush hogging more of our property. We almost have all of it finally cleared off now. Yay! Dalton and Colby love it when Shane gets the tractor. They have so much fun riding on the tractor and "helping" their daddy.

Almost a couple of weeks ago while in the back of our yard I found this nest with eggs in it. When I saw it there was a big black snake practically wrapped all around this nest and I figured the eggs were goners, but surprisingly the snake left the eggs alone and a few days later the eggs hatched. The boys have really enjoyed going out and checking on the baby birds and seeing them grow.

The baby birds on the day they hatched.

The birds at 3 days old.

Mama bird wasn't so crazy about us checking out her babies. I believe the birds are brown thrashers which are the state bird of Georgia.

Colby checking out the birds and the nest.