Sunday, May 31, 2009

Walt Disney World~Animal Kingdom

Breakfast at the Tusker House...Hangin' with Goofy, Colby's favorite

Love the Mickey Mouse waffles

My family and my parents are down in Orlando visiting Walt Disney World. Our kids have never been, and I think I've been more excited than they've been about going because since they've never been they really haven't known what all to expect. We arrived yesterday, and today we went to the Animal Kingdom. We had tons of fun riding the rides, seeing the sights, and watching a few shows. We also enjoyed having breakfast with some of the characters at the Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom. The breakfast was probably the highlight of the day. The characters came around many times to our table for photo opportunities. The boys had so much fun on the rides. Dalton most enjoyed Expedition Everest, a fairly intense roller coaster, especially for a 6 year old. And Colby loved the Dinosaur ride, which was very scary. I was a little unsure about him riding it for fear that he may have nightmares about it, but he thought it was so awesome. The park wasn't too crowded so the lines weren't all that bad today. Some of the rides and shows we saw included Kilamanjaro Safari, Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, Flights of Wonder, It's Tough Being a Bug, and playing in the Boneyard. Colby was scared out of his mind in It's Tough Being a Bug. It's a pretty fairly kid-friendly 3-D film. So he was scared to death of a bug on a flower coming at him, but big, huge, scary, dinosaurs that try to eat him in the dark he was fine with. Anyway, I do love seeing their faces and watching them enjoy all the sights around them. Tonight as I put Dalton to bed, Dalton told me, "This was the best day ever!" Can't wait til tomorrow!

Dalton and Shane with Expedition Everest in the background

Dalton and Colby before we rode Dinosaur

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Graduations Galore

This past week my two boys had their graduation programs. Dalton graduated from Kindergarten and Colby from his 3 year old preschool class. Dalton's class put on a full program filled with songs, recitations, and Bible verses they had memorized, and Colby's class sang about 4 songs. Dalton and Colby have both learned so much over this past year. It has been neat seeing their little minds soak up so much information. I can't believe my little boy is going on to 1st grade next year. It just doesn't seem like he should be old enough. The year has gone by fast, but we are all so ready for the summer break!

Here is a little slideshow I put together (and Shane helped) of some pictures of the graduation programs as well as pictures from this past year.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Awana Awards

Dalton and Colby have been participating in the Awana program at our church this year on Sunday nights. While Shane and I are at our life group, the boys are at the church participating in Awana. This past Sunday, our church had its annual Awana awards program. It was totally raining like crazy outside and of course we were running late, and Colby fell asleep on the way to the church. Colby was one unhappy little boy when we arrived and woke him up. I had forgotten their vests in our rush to leave too. Colby was being unusually clingy to me and wanted to sit in my lap the whole time and didn't want to go up to the front when his name was called. Dalton and Colby had a fun time in Awana this year although by the look on Colby's face you probably wouldn't believe that. After the awards the church provided pizza for everyone and inflatable jumpy things for the kids. Colby's mood definitely brightened with the pizza and inflatables.

Aw, such big tears

Dalton receiving his certificate

Colby's First Visit to the Dentist

Colby made his first trip to the dentist last week. He hadn't exactly been looking forward to going. Every time I tried to talk to him about going he didn't act very thrilled about the idea. When we went though, all 3 of us ended up getting our teeth cleaned. Dalton went first, then me, then Colby saw that it wasn't all that bad so he reluctantly got up into the chair. His favorite part was "Mr. Thirsty" sucking up the water out of his mouth and of course being able to choose a couple of toys out of their treasure box. We all had a great visit with no cavities. :)

Strawberry Pickin'

Recently, Colby was invited to a birthday party at Lane Packing. He had a great time picking strawberries and playing, so I really wanted to go back and pick some more strawberries and let Dalton and my mom come as well. We went back to Lane on a beautiful day last week and found tons of beautiful, sweet strawberries. My boys absolutely love eating fresh strawberries, especially fresh ones from the field. We all had so much fun looking for these big, red, treasures! I think we ended up with about 10 pounds of strawberries among us. My mom made a yummy, strawberry pie with most of hers while we ended up just cutting them up and eating them. Mmmm!

"Here's a perfect strawberry!" ~Dalton

Me and my boys

Enjoying the fruits of our labor

Colby having fun on the playground

Monday, May 18, 2009

Field Day and Wacky Wednesday

A few weeks ago, Dalton's class had their annual Field Day at his school. The kids had really been looking forward to this day and the day turned out to be absolutely beautiful. The students participated in many activities including a soccer kick, carrying a wet sponge to fill up a bucket, hoola-hoop games, playing with a parachute, and all the kids favorite, the dunking booth.

The students had a wonderful time and wrapped the morning up with a little lunch from everyone's favorite, Chick-Fil-A. Mmmm!

Colby's class recently had Wacky Wednesday where the students were just supposed to wear crazy looking clothes to school. Colby's not all that into looking too wacky in public so this attire was about the best we could do.

After coming home on this Wednesday, I went out to work in the flower bed in the front of our house and Colby came walking outside wearing his firefighter costume over his "wacky" outfit. He wanted to help me in the flower bed so I gave him his instructions on what he could do and he of course went and found some gloves to wear as well. He was just too funny in his firefighter suit, "wacky" clothes and gardening gloves. Here my little helper is showing off his clipping from an old flower that needed cutting.