Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hot Truck

Last week was a bad week. Shane's truck was stolen while he was helping to remodel a house. He was actually at the house in the back when someone stole the truck IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. The truck was recovered a few hours later, but not before the thief lifted some of the contents inside the truck. So if someone comes up to you on the street wanting to sell you a GPS device, some appraisal equipment, and some really cool tools you may want to be a little suspicious of the guy. Also, let this be a reminder to never leave your keys inside your vehicle.


Robin said...

Ever since we heard about Shane's truck being stolen, I am always double checking to see if I locked the doors on our car. I am really sorry that happened to you guys. By the way, how is Shane's leg??

amy said...

JOHN ALWAYS LEAVES HIS KEYS IN HIS CAR...I'll let him read this! So glad you're blogging!