Monday, December 1, 2008

"Saxby...You Betcha!!"

Saxby Chambliss

Sarah Palin
I went to a campaign rally today in Perry for Saxby Chambliss with Sarah Palin as the guest speaker. It was a lot of fun. Chambliss is up against Jim Martin in the runoff election for senator tomorrow. There's always so much excitement associated with elections. I met up with some of my aunts and an uncle who were also going to the rally. We ended up getting there too late to get a good spot and were standing pretty far away toward the back but still ended up with some decent pictures. Sarah Palin is such a rock star. When Saxby Chambliss was introduced he received a lot of good cheers, but when Sarah Palin was introduced she received tons of screams with cheers as well. Good luck to Saxby tomorrow!