Monday, June 21, 2010

Orange Beach 2010

A couple of weeks ago we went on our family vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama. It was such a relaxing time! The boys had fun playing in the pool and in the ocean as well as playing shuffleboard, going to play miniature golf, and riding go-carts. My parents came along with us, and Shane and I were able to get out on the links to play a little golf one day as well. This is the earliest in the year we've ever been on vacation to the beach and it was such a good time to go. The weather wasn't too hot yet and the crowds weren't all that bad yet either.


Colby chillin' in the sand

We went out to eat at Lulu's Restaurant one night which is owned by Jimmy Buffett's sister. There was a long wait to eat, but there was a lot of things to keep the kids busy and active while they waited. Dalton and Colby joined in on a little volleyball game that was going on with other kids then moved on to building sand castles while we waited. Then, we enjoyed a nice dinner by the water.

We were treated to a spectacular lightning show the first night we arrived.
One of the big things on most everyone's mind down at the beach was the oil spill. We never saw any oil while there and the beach was still very beautiful. There were reports that the oil came ashore the day before we left, but it was reported as being a mile or two up the beach and was just cleaned up and the beach was fine again. Here was a picture of a couple of boats laying some boom in front of our condo where we were. Kind of weird though... they didn't leave the boom there so I was wondering if maybe there was some oil out there and they skimmed it up and then left.