Friday, June 10, 2011

End of School!!!

Colby's class had their end of the year program about a week before Dalton got out of school. The kids did such an awesome job quoting scripture, singing songs, and reciting passages they have learned during the year. The children recited Bible verses they had learned that corresponded to each letter of the alphabet. Each child had their own part in the program and Colby's part was reciting a Bible verse by himself. He kept this a secret from us because he had never mentioned to us that he was going to do this. I think it was a surprise for all the parents. What a great year Colby had this year at school!!!

Here's Colby with his teacher, Mrs. Bush. We just love her!
Colby with my parents after the program

Dalton had a great year this year as well. He is such a smart little guy and always does great academically. He received a few academic awards, as pictured here in a big assembly on the last day of school.
Dalton with his 2nd grade teacher. We just love her too!


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