Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching Up: Part II

Well, I'm on a roll now in updating my blog. Here's some Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures to finish up 2010. Colby's class had their Thanksgiving program that was just too cute. I loved seeing him dressed up like a little indian singing songs, reciting Bible verses, and poetry. He did an awesome job on everything doing all the motions and words so well. I was very proud of my little indian boy.

Later, in December, Colby's class took a field trip on a Journey to Jesus. We searched for Jesus at a hospital, at the inn, but finally found him here at the stable.

Colby's class sang Christmas songs at a retirement home
Dalton's class did too!

Colby and his class enjoyed their Christmas party
And Dalton's class did too!
After the Christmas parties we took the boys to the Bass Pro Shop to see Santa. They look pretty serious in telling Santa what they want.
After seeing Santa, they were engaged in a fierce game of Checkers.

This year instead of making our annual gingerbread house, we made a gingerbread train. It turned out ok. I think I liked the house better, but the train was fun for the boys.

Christmas at Grandmama and Granddaddy's house

Look what Santa brought!
Shane showing the boys how to use their new bb guns


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