Wednesday, March 2, 2011


At the beginning of February Shane and I went skiing at Breckenridge, Colorado. I just love skiing out West! The mountains are absolutely beautiful and huge! The conditions were so great this year...more snow than we've ever skied on. We rented a car and I think the driving was the most nerve-racking part of the trip. It was snowing and had snowed so much that I don't think we ever saw the black asphalt of the road the entire time because it was always snowing and had a pretty thick layer of snow covering it. Breckenridge was a fun resort though with a lot of runs that Shane and I could easily do and were challenged on other runs as well. I think this was the coldest ski trip we've ever been on though. I'm usually not cold while skiing because of all the layers I wear, but the last day of our skiing the wind chill was in the -20s and we were a little concerned about our noses getting frostbite since our noses was our only body part that was exposed. We had tons of fun and hope to one day go back.


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