Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Camping Virgins

For President's Day we decided to take a little overnight camping trip. None of us had ever been camping before and figured we didn't know what we were doing anyway so we just decided to make it a quick overnight trip. We left Sunday of President's Day weekend and went to Callaway Gardens to look around and walk a few trails. We all enjoyed walking around the trails and also enjoyed going in the butterfly center, but due to a bird getting in and eating most of the butterflies, there weren't all that many butterflies left, although the ones that were there were very pretty. It was nice too that admission to Callaway Gardens was free for the months of January and February. After leaving Callaway Gardens we headed to our campsite at FDR State Park just a few miles away. We picked out a campsite and put up the tent, then the boys and I went to walk to the lake where the ducks and geese came up to us apparently wanting us to feed them. We forgot to bring any food to the lake with us so a lady with her kids gave the boys some of their bread to feed to the birds. Must've felt sorry for us that we didn't bring any bread down with us. Anyway, after feeding the ducks and geese, we headed back up to our campsite where Shane had a rousing fire going for us to grill hot dogs and to make some smores. Before going to bed we had an intense Uno tournament in which Colby dominated. We all had so much fun, family time! The boys are still talking about our little trip and wondering when we'll go again!


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