Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Festival...Brrrrr....

Dr. Dalton and Firefighter Colby

My little public servant

Dr. Dalton

My church had it's annual Fall Festival last night. It's always tons of fun for the boys. It's also so fun to see everyone that's there and all the cute little costumes the kids have on (and some adults too). The kids were able to play games, get candy, play on the jumpy inflatable things, and eat some yummy food. The boys had a blast dressing up as Dr. Dalton and Firefighter Colby. It was freezing last night though. I think it was in the 40s with a bit of a breeze blowing as well. BBBRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Cold weather sure has blown in early this year. Just last week I pulled out the boys' long sleeve shirts and now I had to get their sweaters and jackets out too. Whew! I think I'm almost ready for springtime. Just not a big fan of colder weather.

Here's Dalton and Colby from last year. Just too stinkin' cute!